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Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Time Project....Possibly a New Obsession

My sister in law is due with her second baby any day.  I made a quilt for the new baby using some embroidered appliqued animals. (see my last post)  It is together and basted, but I still have to actually quilt it.  I am going to try that on my embroidery machine.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Whenever I make something for a second baby, I try to make something for the big sister/brother as well.  This time, I am making a doll for my niece.  I haven't made a doll before but so far I like how this one is turning out.  I used Simplicity Pattern 2462 and some fabric I had on hand.  I made a dress for her and today she will get little pantloons.  I'm not sure yet what I will do about hair.  Yarn or doll hair?  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I especially wanted to show you her face.  I stitched her with my machine, using a design from Embroider USA Florida.  I think hair will make all the difference.  Right now she looks kind of freaky to me.

I have had fun making this doll, could be a new obsession for me.  Dolls everywhere!  I will post a full picture when she is ready for her debut!

Keep stitching,


  1. I LOVE your doll for your niece! What a sweet idea! My mom and I were both doll sewers, and I have loads of them...like yours...mostly cloth/ raggedy type dolls. We both loved rag dolls. Mom also made me some beautiful knitted dolls. It is addicting! Keep it up!

  2. Dolls for me...well I always hate the process and love the end result, yours is adorable!

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